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National Education Week: DuEwa Visits an Elementary School

On November 15th DuEwa visited Carondelet Leadership Academy for National Education Week to talk with young scholars about reading and books! DuEwa talked with 6th grade students about what they're reading and what they want to read. She read poems from her books: SHEDDING LIGHT FROM MY JOURNEYS, STARDUST TRACKS ON A ROAD, and CHECK THE RHYME: AN ANTHOLOGY OF FEMALE POETS & EMCEES. Students loved the poems. Several of the young scholars gave DuEwa feedback on the "rhythm" and "vibe" of the poetry. One young scholar said hearing the poems made him "want to listen to jazz music" - cool!

DuEwa also read an excerpt from her latest middle grade/teen novel QUINCY RULES. DuEwa asked students prior to beginning her reading of Quincy Rules, "What are the characteristics of a mystery?" Students responded, "Something suspicious," and "Gives clues," and "Shady." The students were all SPOT ON!

DuEwa was so impressed with the level of "book talk" the students responded with that she is planning to return for a visit in Spring!

Way to go Carondelet Leadership Academy scholars!

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