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Author Spotlight: Nathaniel Terrell

Poet Nathaniel Terrell

Is There Not a Cause? by Nathaniel Terrell

Available at Atmosphere Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

About the Poet

Nathaniel Terrell is an author, poet, writer and artist. He is currently promoting a collection of poems titled, Is there not a cause, published by Atmosphere Press. Other of his work has been in publications and online platforms including New Plains Review, Maudlin House, Nine Cloud Journal, Havik, Finding The Birds, Connecting Perspectives,, The Inside Interviews, Open Mic Night Poetry Podcast and more. He resides in Western, NY.

Poet Nathaniel Terrell is the author of Is There Not a Cause? Check out my interview with this poet!

Congratulations on your new book! Tell me about your latest work? What inspired it?

NT: Thank you. Is there not a cause is a collection of poems that speak from time and experience, pain, loss, hope, calls for change, reflection and a creative voice within. This powerful manuscript was written over a span of six years. I incorporated much of what I was going through during that period. My imagination along with the social and political climates in this country and around the world were big inspirations as well How did you get started as an author/ poet? NT: Putting lyrics together and writing songs and stories are things I could do as far back as my teens. But I didn't get serious and commit to becoming an author and poet until the end 2008. Who are your favorite authors? Poets? NT: Gil Scott Heron, Tupac Shakur, Edgar Allen Poe, King David, Erica LaShei What has your writing life been like during the pandemic? Do you have a writing schedule? If yes, please explain. NT: It seems like during the pandemic I've noticed more opportunities for writers to be published. I really don't have a schedule, most of my time lately has been promoting, entering and competing for various book awards. And I am putting together drafts for my next collection. What themes are most present in your work and why? NT: Growth, dealing with pain, regret, faith, love, injustice and scenes of life. These themes are most present in my work because at some point in many of our lives these are the things we endure. Many times the weight of these occurrences can make life difficult. My goal as a writer is to encourage anyone who reads my book to not give up and that oftentimes life can be unpleasant but you are not alone. How do you connect with readers and your overall audience/ fan base? NT: I think it's a combination of passion, creativity and that I bare my soul through words, songs and stories. Also I feel like people connect because I ask questions and try to present my words in a way that causes the reader/listener to think and feel. What are a few tips you have for new poets or authors? NT: Sign up or use Submittable. This platform has connected me with the majority of the presses/publications/journals and online platforms that have published my work. Don't allow the rejections to break your spirit or discourage you. Understand rejection is part of the process! Believe in yourself and your abilities. Maintain the commitment to perfect your craft Where else has your writing been featured? NT: Maudlin House, New Plain Review, Finding The Birds, Connecting Perspectives, Havik, Nine Cloud Journal, Open Mic Night Poetry Podcast,, UHyped Radio and more. What’s next for you? NT: I plan to continue to promote and sell my book. Also create more content for my social media pages. I have more interviews lined up and several book reviews that will be published soon. Where can we find your work? Where can we follow or “fan” you? NT: Follow me on Instagram @life.mid. Also follow me on Facebook, YouTube, and Reverbnation. You can find my book at Atmosphere Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.


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